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Kid's Cancer Support Group

Connecting, supporting and enriching the lives of kids diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders in WA

Kids Cancer Support Group is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to connecting, supporting and enriching the lives of children diagnosed with cancer and other blood disorders on Ward 1A at Perth  Children’s Hospital & (formerly Ward 3b at Princess Margaret Hospital).


They not only recognise the impact that being diagnosed with cancer has on the child and the parents, but also the flow-on effect on siblings and grandparents.

Although finding a cure is the biggest priority for childhood cancer, offering engaging, memorable and distracting services to help try and ease the journey is ever so vital.

Kids Cancer Support Group was first established in 1983 by a group of parents who recognised a need to support each other through the traumatic cancer journey. KCSG continues to be run on a voluntary basis by parents of children with cancer and blood disorders. KCSG has always relied solely on the generous support of donations from the community to deliver the vital services and support that the families need.

Every year in Australia 950 children and adolescents are diagnosed with childhood cancer.  90 to 100 of these newly diagnosed families are in Western Australia.

For most children, when they are diagnosed the cancer is already at an advanced stage. Tragically, at least THREE CHILDREN DIE EVERY WEEK from cancer or the side-effects of the treatment.  Childhood cancer is the biggest disease killer of children in Australia.  There is no known cause of childhood cancer.

Kids Cancer Support Group fills the gaps of services that are currently missing of where support is not sufficient.

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